Affiliate campaigns

Affiliate Marketing: earn according to performances

Affiliate campaigns are a very important web marketing tool because they help on the one hand advertisers to increase traffic to their site and generate conversions, and on the other hand they allow publishers to generate a profit according to the generated performances

Advantages for the advertiser

Affiliate campaigns are an excellent tool to give visibility to your brand and increase the online sale of your products, thanks to the platforms available, Lovemark is able to clearly identify the optimal portals on which activate the campaign depending on the product / service promoted and then customize the activity.

Lovemark designs and manages campaigns on major Italian and international affiliate networks such as Tradedoubler, Zanox and Clickpoint.

If your goal is to work on direct response and brand awareness, Lovemark presents you a tailor-made and flexible solution to generate a result according to a forecasting model.

Advantages for the publisher

If you have a website or a blog and you want to increase your advertising revenue, affiliate campaigns can be the ideal tool.
Through affiliate marketing you can suggest to other users products or services to buy, and gain a percentage of the product that the user buys thanks to the advertising banner that you have placed on your site.


Lovemark supports you in this activity:

  • Selecting the most appropriate programs, depending on the characteristics of your website, so as to host only relevant advertising
  • Provide your website so that you can host advertising banners
  • Activate the campaign
  • Monitor performances and optimizing the campaign.

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