Brand monitoring

Brand monitoring and online reputation: what people say about your brand on the web?

Brand Monitoring allows you to monitor and measure a company’s online reputation.
Lovemark analyses the brand’s reputation on the web and in particular on social networks through the monitoring of conversations that develop on the network, around the brand, the product and the company.
The objective of this analysis is:

  • Collection and analysis of online contents concerning brands and monitored products
  • Interception of problems or needs highlighted by users
  • Passive monitoring of online conversations

Lovemark structures the project in the following steps:

Startup and initial analysis

Definition of brands, products, keywords and market to be analysed (range).  The initial analysis of the customer’s web situation will provide aggregated information on the following metrics:

  • Volume of conversations
  • Sources of conversations (Facebook, Blog, Forum, Twitter, etc.)
  • Conversation language
  • Geographical area of users
  • Influence of users
  • Any new keywords related to brands
  • Criticality definition

Detection and reporting of "criticality

In case of “criticality”, that is evidence of very negative comments that risk to damage the corporate image, Lovemark will propose corrective and immediate actions to manage the crisis situation.

Monitoring of useful sources

The monitoring will detect the comments(«mentions») that will concern the keywords of the product and the brand of the customers established within the limit in the startup phase.

Our consultancy includes the “alert” service to inform the company about the circulation of highly negative content, before the viral spread becomes uncontrollable. The monitoring takes place on the following sources:

  • Social Network platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, etc.)
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • News channels
  • Search engines

Analysis and reporting of the monitoring

Detailed reports are prepared periodically according to the deadlines established with the customer, which include a careful classification of mentions and sources.

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