Competitor analysis

We apply tools and software to understand what your competitors are doing online analysing qualitative and quantitative KPI.

The analysis is at the basis of our web marketing projects.
We recommend to all our customers not to proceed immediately with the design of a site/portal or to undertake an advertising activity without first having faced a complete analysis of the market and the online competition.

The analysis consists of two different souls: Benchmarking analysis and qualitative analysis.

Benchmarking analysis

The Benchmarking analysis consists of an in-depth comparative study of communication and strategy that the customer company and the competitors adopt on the web.

The analysis can be tailored by Lovemark according to the specific needs of the customer: there is no standard, but every analysis is designed based on the specific needs and on the defined market. In general, the parameters we take into consideration are:

  • Positioning SEO and keyword
  • International positioning
  • Link popularity
  • Volume of web traffic

Competitor Quality Analysis

On the other hand, the qualitative analysis aims to identify the most strategic and communication characteristics adopted by the competitors. In detail, the points addressed are:

  • Analysis of the functionality of the website in terms of communication and peculiar strategies
  • Judgment on communicative coherence between the company and the web site
  • Study of the usability of the website
  • SWOT Analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses of the company compared to the competitors in the online market
  • Profitability analysis of a web investment
  • A valuables map which summarized in a graphic matrix the communicative positioning of the companies under analysis

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