Inbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing?

It is a marketing technique with the purpose to generate new customers and opportunities for your company, through the promotion of its products and services through a mix of strategies and tools, using Content Marketing, strategies of Social Media Marketing, SEO and Digital activites to increase the Brand Awareness.

Unlinke the classical online advertising, which is often unidirectional and does not develop a profitable interaction with the user; with an inbound marketing strategy, your company can involve known and unknown users and convert them in customers or promoters of your business thanks to a process known as attractconvertclose and delight.

The four pillars of Inbound Marketing

It’s about the four pillars of Inbound Marketing, they represent a real methodology of approach applicable to the customer development, to the sale and offer of their products/services.

  • The attract phase includes, in addition to the set-up of a series of technical actions which allow to attract high-quality visitors, also the analysis and the exploitation of various data already present in the company. This data allow to identify the Personas to which we want to address and the process of Customer Journey that brings us in contact with our future customers, along with the mapping and set-up of the most effective touchpoint able to arouse the engagement with the users that carry out navigational and transactional research every day on the web.
  • The convert phase leads to the transformation from visitor to contact and it can can take place through different conversion web action, for example with a landing page form.
  • The close phase is the most delicate because not all leads became customers. A good marketing strategy has to support this process in order to ensure the commercial success with the necessary tools and to “Keep Warm” the contacts also when they are in negotiation.
  • Delight, in the inboud methodology corresponds to the phase that aims to create a faithful and ongoing relationship with the customer, who shouldn’t feels neglected after the purchase of a service, but he/she should be hold in high regard thanks to a smart content offer or a regular survey.

Activities and marketing automation tools

For a successful technologies application of inbound marketing, it is essential to structure workflows, thanks to the application of marketing automation.

Marketing automation requires the use of softwares that allow to automate repetitive marketing activities and to collect relevant information about leads profiling.

Here’s a list of activities that marketing automation deals with:

Marketing automation involves a whole series of tools and applications such as:

  • Mail marketing platform
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • E-commerce

Lovemark and Marketing Automation

Lovemark is the ideal strategic partner to support your company in the choice of the best marketing automation platform. We do not sponsor or resell any specific product, even if we can boast a know-how acquired over the years of experience on the use of software such as HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Sales Manago, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Oracle Marketing Ckoud. We support the customer in the choice of the best marketing  automation software on the basis of a careful analysis and a subsequent personalized consultation which takes account of:

  • the target profiling
  • the current customer journey
  • the technological structure of the customer
  • the presence of a CRM and its characteristics
  • ERP evaluation and its characteristics
  • internal organisational and know how of the resources.

The advantage of CRM integration and marketing automation

The company that already use a Content Relationship Management (CRM) and integrates it with a marketing automation platform obtains an average increase of conversions equal to 4 and a half times the activity that acquires its data from scratch. It would be optimal to adopt the CRM not only in the business environment but in all corporate departments because it benefits in particular:

  • sales department, in this way it will focus on the most interesting contacts;
  • marketing department, i twill be able to concentrate efforts on the contacts that need to be “Cultivate” more.

Advantages of marketing automation: lead nurturing

Inbound marketing allows you to attract leads but, alone, it doesn’t allow to move the contacts along the conversion funnel. By definition, lead nurturing is the process of establishment and maintenance of relationships with the buyer from the first contact request from the user to the actual purchase and beyond. This is possible through the automatic sending of useful, personalized and free content across the sales cycle. It’s a continuous dialogue more and more cross-channel, mediated by various means of communication (website, blog, social network, email marketing…), it focuses on the needs of the potential or actual customer. The customer equally needs to receive informative contents but, instead of being attracted, he/she needs to be “Nourish” and fidelized. Marketing automation softwares are able to making marketing strategic activities more efficient and simple to handle, in this way companies have more time to dedicate to the business relationship and to the other activies that affect the increase in turnover.

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