SEO consultation: Analysis and training

Positioning on search engines: find out how we can help you

Lovemark, through the offer of a structured SEO consulting activity, supports the customer in improving online visibility and search engine positioning of their company website. This SEO service, based on analysis and training for the customer, is built and customized according to the needs.

SEO Consulting: classification/ Lovemark approach modalities

Our SEO consulting can be carried out with different approaches according to your needs. In detail, following the experience gained, it was possible for us to classify the SEO consulting service in 4 different types/modalities:

  • ONE SHOT ASSISTANCE: to solve certain SEO problems or one-time emergencies, or difficult problems to resolve such as penalisations, SEO porting for website transfers, etc..
  • FULL SERVICE: we take care of everything, from analysis to problem solving. In this case, we identify and analyze the difficulties encountered on your website and provide for seo optimization of everything you need.
  • ONLY CONSULTATION: we analyze what needs to be done and we give guidance to the company referent helping them in the correct implementation of changes or operational actions.
  • SEO TRAINING: we teach customers to become SEO Specialists with high skills and abilities to become autonomous in SEO activities
  • INTERNATIONALISATION: SEO consulting for multilingual websites. We work with the internal SEO for an adequate period of time to train them in the professional and advanced management of SEO activity and/or in the management of specific projects. Critical issues are addressed together, objectives are shared, measurements are carried out, visibility in search engines is made powerful and secure.

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