Due Diligence

Business model optimization and Due Diligence: two deep investigation processes.

We will never tire of saying: if we want that a web marketing strategy leads to the achievement of the objectives it is essential that a strategic and an analytical phase are the basis of any  operational action. This is the reason why Lovemark offers Business Model Optimization and Due Diligence services.

Business Model Optimization

Business Model Optimization is a typical analysis that is carried out mainly on e-commerce and it allows to estimate the investments and the next promotional phase, in order to have a successful business.
It is possible to estimate the turnover of the online shop, considering the structural and material costs, the expected conversion rate and the traffic on the website. In this way, the previsional estimate becomes an important factor on which calculate the investment and then ROI, depending on communication initiatives.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is essentially an in-depth investigation process of an industrial, commercial, service society, in order to determine the convenience to move towards a certain transaction, in this case the realisation of the online shop.
The primary function of the due diligence is to determine benefits and the responsibility of an investment, seeking in all the relevant aspects of the past, present and foreseeable future of a company and examinating especially the customer’s expectations, how long the company wants to achieve its objectives and understand the necessary investment for the promotional phase which is fundamental to make a difference between an e-commerce that works or not.

At the end of the analysis, a final report is given to che customer; the purpose of this final report is to offer the customer a deep knowledge of the activity, of its critical success factors, its strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the potential problems, opportunities and offering good ideas, suggestions for key aspects of a successful e-commerce.

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