Open your online store: design, design and promotion!

Bringing the company’s products to the web is a very important competitive strategy, which allows you to increase the turnover and expand your catchment area beyond the territorial boundaries allowed to a physical store. There are many advantages, but difficult to reach independently.

Analysis and planning of an e-commerce

The creation of an e-commerce is the result of an analysis and planning phase carried out together with the customer, in order to clearly identify the target market, competitors, potential customers and business objectives. Before starting the creation of an e-commerce, Lovemark carries out a detailed analysis that allows you to estimate the investment and the next promotional phase, in order to have a successful business (to learn more, see the website Due Diligence).

In addition, the creation of an e-commerce must be combined with a complete web marketing strategy aimed at promoting and acquiring customers. To make the e-commerce a success, it is essential that it is actively and consistently promoted on the main web channels!

The phases of realization

In detail, Lovemark develops ecommerce with the following characteristics:

  • Responsive design: after a first analysis we define the custom graphics in line with the objectives defined above, and the customization of features; the layout of the product sheet is designed in order to promote on one side the presentation of the product and on the other the usability.
  • Open source CMS: Magento and WordPress with Woocommerce extension are the solutions that we increasingly offer our customers, they are able to provide flexibility¬† in the customization and a highly usable interface.
  • Catalogue management: depending on the depth and and breadth of the catalog different solutions in terms of platform can be adopted
  • Management of discounts, promotions, gifts…
  • SEO predisposition: so that the ecommerce can be adequately indexed on the search engine, each page is prepared for SEO optimisation
  • Payment systems: we realize ecommerce that can be integrated with the most popular payment systems (credit cards, paypal …)
  • Multilingual and multi-currency: to reach an international audience, management of multiple languages and multiple currencies can be a key factor for the success of the e-commerce
  • Integration with Google Analytics, in order to measure the performance.

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