Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Are you doing it right?

There are many companies that send newsletters, but there are a few that really do email marketing!

Email marketing is a a powerful communication tool, but if we want that it really works (leads, sales, visits…etc..), it must be guided by a defined strategy, as well as activated with the right tools.

Management of an of email marketing campaign

The objectives of an email marketing campaign could be different: increase traffic to the website, leads generation, improve customers loyalty, attract new customers…

A careful planning allows you to establish first of all the objectives of the communication, prepare the most suitable newletter for this purpose and define the sending times.

A well-made email marketing campaign allows you to:

  • Reach a highly targeted group of users, with the possibility of profiling according to gender, age, job, interests, etc…
  • Lower costs per contact,
  • Reach a a greater number of contacts in a very short time,
  • Monitor the results, sends and click, through the use of data analysis programs and the drawing up of final reports.

Services offered by Lovemark

Lovemark develops marketing actions through DEM with profiling of the database on the Italian market or on foreign markets.

In particular, Lovemark takes care of all the steps for the creatin of an email marketing campaign:

  • Development of the strategy from the clear definition of the objectives
  • Design of the graphic layout of the newsletter and thw landing page
  • Development of the newsletter and landing page
  • Sending the newsletters using special software
  • Analysis of sending statistics, thanks to which you can know exactly the open rates and click, so that you can take subsequent actions according to the response from the user.

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