Employer Branding

How to enhance your corporate reputation and attract new candidates

What exactly is Employer Branding? It is a marketing strategy aimed at increase and enhance the corporate reputation in the eyes of the potential candidates, employee and customers.
In the minds of these individuals, the corporate image must tend to, or even better, coincide with that of the best place to work (“Best Employment of Choice”).

Corporate reputation

The corporate reputation is given by the set of attributes, qualities and values that define the identity of the organization as the employer with the target audience. The company must be good at communicating the characteristics that differentiate it from its competitors and make it attractive to new potential collaborators and to already hired employees.


To differentiate the communication through several instruments and channels becomes a necessary prerogative for a strong growth. Compared to a “flat” description that communicates who I am and where I am, today companies are opting for a multimedial approach, more innovative and close to the language of the latest generations.

The recipients of an Employer Branding strategy

The pieces that compose Employer Branding are different but always coherent with the real Brand Identity. The recipients of this strategy, as previously said, are:

  • The ideal candidates that the company aims to hire,
  • The current employee
  • All the customers and potential customers

The ideal candidates may be both the best profiles for an open position and, strategically, the talents that the company aims at reaching even if there isn’t an immediate need to fill a hole in the company’s staff, that is passive candidates. In this second case, which is part of the so-called Talent Acquisition process, a successful Employer Branding is necessary to hit the mark because the company will focus on an even more consolidated image and on even more captivating promises.

The same employees as the target of the strategy

As regards the loyalty, an Employer Branding strategy must speak also to those who already work in the company. An employee who is satisfied with the “Climate” and working conditions, who feel valued within the organisation, will naturally be encouraged to speak well about its company, impacting firsthand on the corporate reputation.

Employer Branding strategy: a proven success

The success of a good Employer Branding strategy on the level of customer loyalty is proven: according to a research of Boston Consulting Group, it can reduce the turn-over of the employees up to 28% and savings in terms of hiring costs of new resources.

Lovemark and Employer Branding

Lovemark is a strategic partner in the realization of a Talent Acquisition strategy that uses the proper channels and speaks to the right target, helping recruiters in their work, telling the story of a brand, of a company, making sure that its name is associated with concepts such as professionalism, quality and prestige.

Lovemark team follows these steps to develop a successful Employer Branding strategy:

  • Brand analysis,
  • Identification of long-term business needs to establish the skills that the company needs
  • Definition and understanding of target groups
  • Defined objectives and competences
  • Optimisation of EVP or Employer Value Proposition, that is all the attributes that make the company attractive and credible and the selection of the most suitable KPI to measure the strategy.

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