Google Ads: Research, Display and Remarketing

Choose a Google Partner for your Google Adwords campaigns

Do you want your website have the best visibility on search engines? Do you want to increase profiled traffic, requests for quotes and online sales? Would you like to advertise your company’s offers or services at certain times of the year? Do you need to promote your brand on industry websites or similar to your business?

The ideal solution for these needs is advertising through Google AdWords, it is Google’s advertising platform that allows the publication of text ads, images and videos on search results pages and on the websites of Google content network.

The support of a Google Partner

Keyword advertising is an essential promotional tool and it can increase online visibility that allows you to quickly acquire users and potential customers, paying only for the traffic that actually reaches the website.
Lovemark, as a Google Partner, helps companies define the right mix of formats and settings available in Google AdWords, defining a strategy that combines Search Ads, Display Campaigns and Remarketing depending on communication objectives.
I you want that a campaign record the desired performances, the constant monitoring and optimization are key ingredients of the activity.

The strategic and consulting vision characterizes Lovemark’s activity in the field of advertising keyword and more!

Lovemark’s areas of intervention

If you want to activate a Google Ads campaign, the work steps are:

  • Definition of objectives: each campaign must have a fixed and measurable objective.
  • Analysis and identification of keywords able to drive qualified traffic to the site.
  • Design of ads, both text and graphic banners.
  • Optimisation of the landing page: if you want that a campaign brings the expected results, it is essential that the landing page is high-performing and in accordance with the objectives. Not always any page of the website site has these characteristics, so Lovemark is able to create ad hoc pages strictly designed with an eye towards conversion.
  • Campaign activation
  • Performance monitoring: thanks to the insertion of the appropriate conversion codes, it is possible to constantly monitor costs and results.
  • Sending of periodic reports regarding the progress of the campaign.

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