Google Analytics

Measuring performance to implement effective strategies

To fully understand the performance of your website is not enough to install Google Analytics but it is necessary to configure objectives and conversions and refer to precise KPIs – Key Performance Indicators – i.e. performance indicators, which must always be related to the corporate business.

There are different type of KPI, the choice of a KPI over another must be made with extreme care and depends on the objectives you have at the business level and those of the website. Lovemark provides a strategic support to companies that need to understand how to make the best of Google Analytics.
When we talk about e-commerce, the subject becomes even more strategic because a suitable customization of Google Analytics allows you to understand what are the factors that affect sales, identify the most powerful communication tools, recognize the products that generate more interest and then optimize the entire web marketing strategy.

Lovemark, thanks to its team of specialists, offers the customer an ad hoc report to address strategic executive decisions and generate the development of the company’s business.

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