Internationalization strategies

Lovemark provides support to companies for the identification of new business opportunities abroad and identify strategies to use to penetrate efficiently in a new markets. At the base of our work, there is a scrupulous activity of strategic analysis related to the objectives set together with the customer. Search engines are one of the best tools in order to acquire visibility on the web, so it is necessary to fully understand all the characteristics of reference countries.

Just think of Baidu, for example, the first search engine used by the Chinese, which for us is represented by Google. Without knowing the winning factors to obtain a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking, it will  not be possible to obtain the desired visibility on the Chinese market.

Digital internationalisation: analyze and understand the market to choose the most appropriate web tools.

The website remains a key piece for the company’s business objectives, and the relative Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental pillar to be carried out, but with particular and diversified variations according to the country to which it is addressed.

Lovemark’s activities on international markets range from online PR actions and social media communication plans to websites and Online Advertising campaigns (Paid Search, Display Advertising, Real-Time-Bidding, Social Advertising, Affiliation Marketing).

Lovemark within Italia-China Fundation

The Milan association, integrated with the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Italian-Chinese Institute, has been supporting Italian companies in the strategic-commercial positioning on the Chinese market since 2003, but it is also a point of reference for Chinese companies that have invested or are interested in Italy. The Foundation has given life to a new section for the delivery of services and consultancy to Italian companies interested in projects of productive and/or commercial establishment in China.

Lovemark takes part in training activities and courses promoted by the foundation, uselful for commercial and operational knowledge with China through a marketing and networking platform that involves all the members.

In this context we have been selected as partners for the evaluation and definition of an effective digital marketing strategy for Italian companies that aim to export goods or services to the Chinese market or vice versa to Chinese companies thet invest in the Italian market. Lovemark services available to companies involve analysis phases (Digital Analysis with the search engine Baidu, Web trend, Benchmark competitors, Due Diligence) and action steps (online PR, Social media strategy, Content marketing, Website and Web advertising).



Analysis of physical market data and business opportunities according to products and business objectives


Cross-reference physical market data with website overview data


What are potential customers looking for? Who are the main players and how do they work on the web?


Outline the most suitable web tools for an appropriate approach to the market according to the objectives.

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