Paid Search Marketing

Analysis and management of web advertising

Paid Search Marketing is the part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that brings together all the paid online activities useful to promote a specific product or service in the search network and display of a search engine through sponsored ads. In detail, paid search identifies the world of online advertising campaigns and is often associated with a multitude of identification terms  of different methods and tools, available on the market, for online visibility, such as : pay-per-click ads (PPC), paid placement, paid email, video advertising, remarketing, banner campaigns, and so on.

Lovemark, Google Partner, is an expert in the analysis, planning and management of various forms of web advertising campaigns and among the main tools available, we highlight Google Ads, as the ideal solution in achieving Brand Awareness and Lead Generation objectives from small and large companies.

Why do web advertising?

An online advertising campaign is a set of advertising actions organized according to marketing and business objectives, aimed at already acquired and potential customers, through the use of the web channel. Having said that, here’s the reasons why you should start a paid search activity. It is the main means, which will allow you to:

  • Remove in real time obstacles of space and time;
  • Reach more and more customers keeping the business costs;
  • Reach the right people when you want and where you want;
  • Loyalize new and returning consumers.

Other advantages of a web advertising campaign

In addition to the advantages described above, it should be noted that the online advertising campaign tool is easily measurable and allows you to have tangible feedback on the results obtained. It allows, therefore, to improve and optimize their own strategies on scientific data compared to traditional media; Internet is an interactive media, where the user is stimulated to participate in an increasingly active way.

Each web advertising activity allows a detailed measurement, and consequently allows a very precise ROI calculation, so as to understand which are the most performing tools and how to optimize the budget.

Among the many tools that the web offers, it is therefore essential to rely on a web marketing specialist able to define the next steps and able to measure the results obtained.

Lovemark’s work in paid search advertising

Lovemark supports its own customers from the analysis phase to the planning and measurement of the campaign. In detail, we underline, below, the steps required to set up an effective paid search activity:

  • Initial analysis to define the web advertising strategy: means, time, costs, conversion estimates and ROI.
  • Identification of the most effective online actions to achieve the potential target and set objectives (network search, display, remarketing, email, video, social adv.
  • Definition of the web marketing plan and online advertising campaign.
  • Planning and purchase of online media.
  • Study and creation of creativity for the web.
  • Study and creation of suitable supports such as Web Site and Landing Page on which to land the campaign to activate.
  • Keyword analysis or Keyword advertising for the identification of searches carried out by the potential target of the campaign.
  • Creation and set up of web advertising campaigns on search engines.
  • Campaign optimization in terms of conversions, costs and return on investment.

Monitoring and measurement of performance and results obtained.

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