SEO organic positioning

Methodology to develop visibility

The objective of the organic positioning activity is to develop visibility projects on search engines based on a very precise methodology, which starts from the market analysis and the photograph of the company status.

From analysis to result

A good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activity allows a website to position itself in the first pages of the search engine.

The result is not so simple considering the impenetrable Google algorithm and the presence of a very high number of competitors on the web. Doing SEO means first of all to proceed with a constant analysis of the website, both to find areas for improvement and to check that the work done brings the expected results, in the short as in the medium and long term.

For this purpose we recommend a preliminary SEO AUDIT that can carefully photograph the state of the art.

Lovemark approach

After a careful analysis phase and the identification of strategic keywords, Lovemark carries out all the activities aimed at increasing the positioning:

  • optimization of information architecture,
  • insertion and optimization , H1 and H2,
  • SEO content review,
  • insertion of site map,
  • responsive design implementation,
  • code optimization in SEO optics,
  • Local SEO (Google MyBusiness),
  • Vocal Search.

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