SEO Audit

Seo revision of your website.

An Audit of the contents of the company’s website consists of a detailed examination of the entire site and its contents and links, verifying validity and consistency.
Dated content and links that don’t work are very common on corporate websites: it’s easy to add new content, but the maintenance of what is already published is often forgotten.  This conveys a negative image of the company to site visitors and inevitably leads to lose market share, sometimes even substantial.

The Importance of a Corporate Site Audit

Many companies don’t understand what is behind a SEO activity and how complicated it can be to make an easy-to-read web tool for “Google”.

This is the reason why Lovemark always starts from a structured analysis that aims in the first place to give visibility to the company through a study of the actions to be taken.

Before proceeding with real optimization actions, it is therefore useful to carry out a SEO review of the website, aimed at identifying interesting ideas and areas for improvement for SEO optimization that will be taken care of later. The site audit is a key point in establishing any subsequent costs of a SEO optimization action.

Lovemark steps

Here are some steps that Lovemark considers for a SEO Audit:

  • Crawl (scan) of the website to define possible errors,
  • Webmastertool (Google & Bing),
  • SEO Traffic Analysis (Analytics),
  • Website Accessibility,
  • How was the website indexed on Google,
  • On-Page Optimization Factors,
  • Off-Page Optimization Factors,
  • Detailed SEO Reports.

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