SEO Copywriting

Create quality content

The objective of SEO copywriting is to reconcile the needs of indexing on search engines (using well-defined keywords) with good writing capable of involving the user. It is therefore a matter of producing quality content, keywords-rich, and at the same time engaging.

Experience and competence

It is often very difficult to combine expressive beauty with the harsh rules of Google, which imposes numbers and algorithms on the words used (keywords).

Lovemark provides its experience and internal skills to create SEO friendly content.

SEO friendly content

  1. Clarity. The text must be readable, we adopt a good compromise between keywords and text.
    It is essential to get into the customer’s mind: what’s he looking for? What are your questions? And his needs?
  2. Collecting and cross-check. Through special tools Lovemark analyzes and defines the keywords on the basis of which to proceed to the drafting of the texts together with the customer company.
  3. Positioning keywords within the text. The techniques are many and you often make the mistake of thinking that writing on a website is like writing a newspaper article… thinking about tags title, description and h1 is a very delicate job!
  4. Internal and outgoing links. The choice of internal and external links is important for the success of a SEO text.


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