Corporate website and portals

From the graphic idea to the development and programming!

Lovemark develops corporate, institutional, product, blog and other websites, combining graphics, programming and SEO skills. We realize completely “taylor made” projects studying from user friendly interfaces, responsive and mobile-friendly, to be easy to use, performing in interaction with the user, perfectly usable on any type of device and display. The site is always structured in “full responsive” mode to maximize the user experience.

Lovemark structures the project in the following stages:

Website navigation tree

Together with the customer, the website navigation tree is declined according to the keywords and indications of the previous strategic phases. The tree must reconcile the company’s need to show a large number of contents, but at the same time optimized according to the rules of user experience:

  • 3-click rule, the user must be able to reach the content he/she are looking for within a maximum of 3 clicks.
  • Menu rule 5+-2, ensure the maximum speed and ease of use, the advice is to pay attention to the number of items in the main menu.

Copywriting and contents

After having defined the structure of the website and the communicative layout, we correctly set the website texts (copy activity) that at the same time are attractive and interesting for the user, and on the other side optimized in a SEO perspective. For this purpose, it is of strategic importance having faced a first stage of analysis that identifies the most interesting and performing keywords for the reference sector.

Lovemark is also able to follow the customer in choosing the most appropriate content in terms of images to be inserted on the website; it can be also be proposed a service of post production on the material shot by the customer, in order to make it suitable for the use on the website.


At the end of the development process, Lovemark carries out a training on CMS for the customer, so that he can be independent in updating all content, text and images.

Graphic layout

Lovemark web design team deals with the development of drafts of the website reconciling the following needs:

  • Simple navigation,
  • Color harmonization,
  • Positioning of elements in the space,
  • Equilibrium with the monitor sizes,
  • Image processing,
  • Positioning of the logo and interaction of the logo with various elements,
  • Image in line with the customer communication material.


Lovemark uses open source CMS, in particular WordPress and Drupal with attention to the following aspects:

  • Highly usable admin panel, that makes it easy to edit and manage the content published.
  • Code structure and SEO friendly content architecture to optimize search engine ranking.
  • Multiplatform: the portal can also be developed and expanded thanks to availability via mobile devices.
  • Multibrowser: site compatibility on the most used browsers and according to the different screen resolutions.
  • W3C standard: the new projects respect compatibility and accessibility standards laid down by the international consortium W3C.

Google Analytics and performance measurement

During the publication stage, the Google Analytics code is inserted in order to monitor the website’s performance and define the future action steps within a complete web marketing strategy.

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