Social Advertising

Social Media Adv: segment, promote and analyse!

The spread of the use of Social Media provides companies with tools in continuous evolution for the planning of advertising campaigns aimed at increasing the visibility of ads or content of corporate pages on these channels.

The advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin allow you to achieve several objectives: increase brand visibility, recover leads, increase the number of fans … the tools that these social networks provide allow you to segment the actions by objectives.

The main characteristics of a social advertising:

  • Total flexibility of the campaign: it can be planned at certain times, with visibility objectives that can be reached daily.
  • Pay per Click campaigns: it is possible to pay only for site visits received. All views of the ad will, in fact, be free.
  • Impression Campaigns. It is also possible to pay according to the views of the ad, regardless of the clicks. This option is very valid for Branding campaigns, useful to increase company’s notoriety.
  • Precise definition of the reference target: advertising on social networks allows you to filter the target not only by demographic and geographical data but also by interests.

Lovemark supports companies in defining the best strategy for social media advertising:

  • Definition of the social object of activity: not all channels address the target audience in the same way, it is therefore necessary to choose in which to operate in order to not disperse resources.
  • Choice of advertising strategy: definition of objectives, choice of channels, definition of any landing pages.
  • Activation of the campaign and setting of the text and graphic ads.
  • Constant monitoring of performance and campaign optimization.
  • Final report.


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