Social media Marketing

Social Media Strategy: the business communication revolution

Setting up a communication activity on social networks is not easy: it requires a real communication strategy, an ability to integrate social networks in order to provide the company a true web 2.0 soul.

Lovemark accompanies the company step by step in the definition of the Social Media Marketing plan, so as to to carefully organize and plan the presence on social media, generate content that can engage users and manage any crisis situations. Today on social media, customers and potential customers are very demanding, they want to be listened, they want quick answers and they see in the social pages of the company, a place where they can freely express their opinions, positive or negative.

The steps to a successful Social Media Strategy

The social media communication strategy that Lovemark sets for companies follows these work stages:

  1. Definition of objectives
  2. Market analysis. It aims to find out how many customers are active on social media, on which channel and which are the most popular topics
  3. Competition analysis. We identify the main competitors and we study their way of working on social media channels.
  4. Definition of a streategy. We identify the most appropriate channels, means and style of communication.
  5. Definition of a calendar of activities. We organize communicative activities in line with the business objectives and the identified strategy.
  6. Constant monitoring and reporting. We analyze performance to constantly optimize the activities.

Choose to entrust to us the complete management of your social media!

Managing social media channels means not only defining a precise planning but especially constantly monitoring what happened on the web and interact with users, providing for new actions and any “in progress” adjustments and implying daily operation that requires a lot of time.

For this reason Lovemark offers its customers the possibility to completely manage in outsourcing the entire operating activity, from the conception of social media editorial plan to daily activities.

The outsourcing management of social media includes the following activities:

  • Analysis of the state of the art. How is the current work strategy? How do competitors operate?
  • Development of a strategic plan that foresees the choice of the social networks on which to operate and identifies the strategy to adopt.
  • Design an editorial plan. It includes post, copywriting, graphic material, calendar of activities…
  • Daily activities. It consists of posting what is developed in the editorial plan and interacting with users.
  • Monitoring and reporting.

Social media analytics: an analysis for a better strategy

A winning social strategy cannot prescind from an accurate analysis activity. The social media analytics allows to analyze, track and monitor the activities carried out on corporate social profiles with the help of specialized tools. Only in this way the company can evaluate possible adjustments of its social strategy and involve its community in the best possible way. The analysis is not just about the profiles of the company itself but also those of its competitors.

Lovemark proposes a Benchmarking analysis activity, which consists in analysing excellent companies in particular processes or in adopting more efficient organisational methods in order to identify performance standards besides which subsequently measure their quantitative and qualitative gaps. Here are some of the activities we carry out:

  1. Analysis of the presence and visibility on the social networks of competitors. The objective is to identify the degree and quality of the activity they carry out in order to extrapolate strengths and weaknesses, as well as the level of communication and specific strategies.
  2. Analysis of potential channels
  3. Creation of a communicative coherence between the company identity, the website and the social networks
  4. SWOT analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company compared to its competitors in the online marketplace
  5. Drawing up of an editorial plan

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