The importance of storytelling as a marketing strategy

Today, users want to buy experiences and not products or services and they always looking for a group or an organization of which they can feel part. For this reason, it is essential for a company to be able to tell its story in such a way that users identify with the brand and its values.

Storytelling is defined, in the simplest way, as “narration of stories” and was born as an ancient art form that uses words to reveal the elements and images of a story, stimulating the imagination of those who read, see or listen. In marketing, where we talk about Corporate Storytelling means using stories to connect directly to the emotions of the consumer and increase the popularity of a brand, with a positive impact on sales.

Using storytelling and copywriting techniques helps to involve potential customers, stimulating the curiosity to know and then to go beyond, getting informed, facilitating the engagement with a particular brand.

Each company has its own story to tell, its own identity that distinguishes it from the others. Lovemark helps companies to identify it and build a coherent and engaging narration able to fix in the minds of consumers and increase their popularity. In order to create a connection between the storyteller and the reader, it is essential to focus on quality of the content, which must be conveyed at the right time and in the most suitable channels.

A website, a social media page, a blog that can put visitors at ease are certainly more likely to create a positive first impression and stimulate them positively, making them feel “friends” with which share stories, converse and focused on topics of common interest.

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