User Experience and Design

Creativity, design and design skills

Many companies feel the need to combine what is graphically “beautiful” to what is usable and visible on the internet, often it’s thought that you can’t have both! Lovemark works in this direction, helping companies to combine usable and visible design solutions.

The long-time experience, the continuous experimentation with our customers, the constant study of the stylistic web design evolution allow us to create the most efficient communication strategy, designing visual hierarchies to maximize the content fruition and using the most sustainable and compatible technological choices.

Usability analysis

Lovemark supports you realizing various tests:

  • Analysis with single users: users that take part in the tests shall be selected on the basis of a socio-demographic and psychographic profile and it is shared with the customer. During the test, somebody from our team asks the user to perform various activities on the website, as if he/she were in the office, the user surfs the Internet an his/her interaction is registered. The observations that emerge from the test give necessary indications to guide the choices of restyling.
  • General usability consultation: less expensive than the consultation which involves more users. Through our experts we define that the tool follow the classic usability criteria,  through specific indexes.
  • Anlysis of conversion path: it’s usually the first step in optimization strategy of website usability. If the target of the analysis is not a landing page but a complex website, it must be assessed what are the paths followed by users to reach the conversion page, in order to optimize the pages of that path. Often with an analysis of this kind, you can narrow the optimization to 2/3 pages per site independently from the complexity of the same, greatly reducing costs.

Comparative analysis

On a website or a landing page it is possible to carry out comparative analysis of a different type to assess the effectiveness in terms of conversion rate. The testing methods  consists in creating a series of versions for the same page and see how the results vary with different input sources. It is possible that by varying the campaigns, other landing pages will be more performing. Lovemark is able to offer this type of analysis through the use of specific software (it is not necessary to install Google Analytics). This allows you to optimize the navigation of your website through an analysis which is able to detect eye movements of a user group.
The objective is to improve browsing experience of the users, understand the strengths and weaknesses of the design and design a conversion-oriented layout. Our analysis methodology consists in submitting a series of “Tasks” to do on the website to a group of selected users (it is mutually agreed with the customer) and register the eye paths of each user.
So in the end, through a statistical analysis, it is possible to identify what distract the user, where he/she found the information to carry out an operation in order to help the design process of a new layout and allow to guide the website to the original objectives.

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