Visibility on international search engines

SEO for international indexing: look away!

The corporate internationalization process is a crucial step for the company. The proper use of the web channel allows an exponential increase in the visibility of companies that intend to take this step. Indexing on foreign search engines (such as Russian and Chinese search engines) is not an activity to be underestimated and, on the contrary, can bring a great competitive advantage towards other companies that do not yet work with this vision.

Lovemark, through its consultants, defines a growth path on international markets starting from the SEO activity, in detail deals with:

  • Define keywords: between different markets, a mere translation of keywords is not enough, but a detailed analysis is necessary to understand which terms are actually used by users.
  • Visibility Russian engines: Russia with its main search engine Yandex use different rules for indexing, as well as the culture very different from ours also implies a different method of content search within it.
  • Visibility Chinese engines: China has its search engine par excellence Baidu with its algorithms and specific rules.

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