Web marketing strategy

How to achieve online objectives with a web strategy?

If a small or big company needs to conquer a certain notoriety and online visibility, it must implement a precise web strategy, in order to define the objectives to be pursued and the tools with which we can best achieve this.

How is the web strategy decided? Through the writing of a web marketing plan tailored to the customer’s needs. Through who? By contacting a digital marketing company specialized in SEO, PAID SEARCH AND SOCIAL NETWORK.

Well, If you’re trying to understand how to be found by your customers on the web and how to become known, you are on the right web site. We are a web marketing agency  headquartered in Reggio Emilia and Milan, we are specialized in the above mentioned services and we can help you achieve your business objectives on the web by defining a detailed web marketing plan.

Phases for the definition of an online marketing plan

A web marketing plan is the true carrying structure of any web strategy, which will differ in objectives (brand awareness, lead generation, sell out..). In detail, our digital agency will help you to define:

  • The objectives you want to achieve for your online visibility;
  • What is the target to impress;
  • The budget;
  • The selling points of products/services;
  • KPI that can measure the success of the plan;
  • Times and methods of the implementation of the web marketing strategy;
  • The ideal mix of tools to use.

The choice of the marketing mix

Each web project is unique and, as such, it needs a dedicated web strategy. Lovemark is the right web marketing agency that helps and supports you in the difficult phase of the definition of the marketing mix and the the main available tools.

Here are some:

  • Optimization and Positioning in the search engines: search engine optimization;
  • Web Advertising and Paid Search campaigns;
  • Google Ads, Display and Remarketing;
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, ecc.);
  • Conversion Rate Oprimization (CRO);
  • Direct Email Marketing (DEM);

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