Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Are you doing it right? There are many companies that send newsletters, but there are a few that really do email marketing! Email marketing is a a powerful communication tool, but if we want that it really works (leads, sales, visits…etc..), it must [...]

Social media Marketing

Social Media Strategy: the business communication revolution Setting up a communication activity on social networks is not easy: it requires a real communication strategy, an ability to integrate social networks in order to provide the company a true web 2.0 soul. Lovemark accompanies the company [...]


The importance of storytelling as a marketing strategy Today, users want to buy experiences and not products or services and they always looking for a group or an organization of which they can feel part. For this reason, it is essential for a company to [...]

Influencer marketing

A form of marketing based on the influence that some subjects are able to exercise. Today, with the advent of social media, an increasing number of opinion leader have made their way  - blogger, youtubers, instagrammer, Twitter users, Facebook pages – they exercise a true [...]

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