Competitor analysis

We apply tools and software to understand what your competitors are doing online analysing qualitative and quantitative KPI. The analysis is at the basis of our web marketing projects. We recommend to all our customers not to proceed immediately with the design of a site/portal [...]

Market analysis

Know your online market to define an effective communication strategy! The market analysis enables us to understand how the online target market appears: online many variables and various factors come into play and they are present only on the web and not in traditional markets. [...]

Web marketing strategy

How to achieve online objectives with a web strategy? If a small or big company needs to conquer a certain notoriety and online visibility, it must implement a precise web strategy, in order to define the objectives to be pursued and the tools with which [...]

Due Diligence

Business model optimization and Due Diligence: two deep investigation processes. We will never tire of saying: if we want that a web marketing strategy leads to the achievement of the objectives it is essential that a strategic and an analytical phase are the basis of [...]

User Experience and Design

Creativity, design and design skills Many companies feel the need to combine what is graphically “beautiful” to what is usable and visible on the internet, often it's thought that you can't have both! Lovemark works in this direction, helping companies to combine usable and visible [...]

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