Who we are


We design strategies and we put in place effective actions for successful digital projects.

Digital consulting in support of the companies: from ideas to results!

Lovemark is a web marketing company based in Reggio Emilia and Milan that operates in the field of digital communication. Lovemark is a leader in the offer of web marketing services on the International market with important experiences in heterogeneous industrial sectors and a strong seniority of resources and skills.
”We worked on several projects for multinational companies that need to activate global web marketing actions with specific local visibility in support of subsidiaries or distributors in the market countries in which they operate”.

We design digital communication actions supporting through a consulting approach, the potential of companies in B2B and B2C building a web marketing plan based on data and analysis. Aware of the mutability of the sector in which we operate, we carefullly study market trends and services developments to be the ideal partner.

Lovemark is a  digital agency: technological solutions and the most innovative products, combined with the analytical skills and creativity of our team, allow us to achieve concrete and measurable goals.

The strength of our projects is the total customization: we propose step-by-step solutions, with customized digital strategies and dedicated products to improve the business of those who choose us as a partner. We value customer’s experience and involvement, working in synergy with marketing, trade/dealers and sales department. As teacher and trainers for various institutions, we share our best experiences and the communicative revolution of digital marketing.

Lovemark is a web agency

Our competences range from web design to data analysis and SEO with a flexible and multidisciplinary approach. We offer digital customized solutions always in line with the new technologies which guarantee to companies a measurable and effective web presence.

Lovemark is marketing consultant

Our creativity is at the service of the innovation. We help you to enhance the digital communication potential of your company by analyzing the market and defining the most effective strategies and actions to achieve marketing objectives the greatest return from your investment.


We analyse the market, we design solutions, we measure the results.

A trasted partner for the customer

We develop every project working side by side with our customers.
From the study of the market to the elaboration of the strategy to the measurement of the results, we support the companies in all the phases of path to digitization.

From the strategy to the result

Lovemark offers a supoprt to online communication, curating the design, the choice of the technologies and the web campaign contents. A solid digital culture allows us to realize every project, from the concept to the measurement, in the most immediate and effective way.

Innovative solutions that work

Lovemark designs customized and innovative solutions and targeted actions to achieve maketing and business objectives, using all the potentialities offered by the digital world. We constantly monitor every activity to measure the results and the efficacy.

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